Ibrahim Nayef Mohammed Abdullah Almuhairi

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Stress on the independence of the judiciary in accordance with article (19) of the Constitution. The judiciary authority is independent and is undertaken by various types and degrees of courts. It is necessary to provide personal, financial and retirement protection to judges and their families by drawing a special law to support judges in terms of salary, allowances and remuneration. Judges and governors to be independently appointed regardless of any partisan, political, sectarian or otherwise, adopting for the selection mechanism the parameters of honesty, efficiency and ability only. Upgrading and increment should also be based on integrity, performance and professionalism. The Supreme Judiciary Council should be reviewed and its authorities to be expanded, appointment examinations to be carefully checked and kept away from sharing in selection to ensure professionalism and independence; this responsibility is to be handled by the House of Representatives. Tasks of the Judiciary Council are to be clearly listed in a regulation to be approved by the legislative authority. Most important tasks of the Judiciary Council to be: a. Supervise upgrading, hiring and firing of judges, as well as selection of candidates for institutions and special courses like the Judiciary Institute. b. Coordination with the Federal Court and the Shoura Council. c. Periodical presidency of the Supreme Judiciary Council to last for thee years not renewable. d. Inspecting the performance of courts, judges, and prosecutors. e. Each judge is to declare his current and fixed assets in front of the Supreme Judiciary Council before and after taking up his job, similar to other high class Government positions. f. Preserving the independency of the judiciary is an essential matter. The House of Representatives only should have the right to invite the Judiciary Council or its presidency for discussions and quires; this, however, may take place upon the request of the executive authority. Any authority whatsoever of the executive and legislative authorities over the Judiciary Council and judges must be cancelled; the financial, legal and administrative independency of the judiciary must be preserved.