Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council

Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council

The Chaldean Syriac Assyrian People’s Council

1.Continue to seek undertaking the necessary amendments to the federal Iraqi Constitution demanding the mentioning of all the national rights of our people including autonomy for our people in its historical areas where he lives in the present time.

2.Continue to demand the mentioning in the federal Iraqi Constitution of our national unity through the unified labeling (Chaldean Syriac Assyrian).

3.Work to preserve the spatiality of all cities and towns where our people represent a majority and preventing the change of its demography.

4.Demanding to continue the positive steps taken by the Government of Kurdistan Region to remove all violations at cities and towns of our people within areas following Kurdistan Region and compensate the affected.

5.Demanding the return of all land confiscated by the former regime in areas following Nainawa and Kurdistan Region to the legitimate owners and we will work to remove all violations which took place in Nainawa.

6.Recovering the rights of farmers of our people in lands unfairly confiscated before and after the fall of the former regime and fairly compensate them and the recovery of all the rights of framers throughout Iraq.

7.Work to uncover all facts related to crimes committed against our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people and other religious minotiries in Baghdad, Nainawa and the rest of Iraqi Governorates and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

8.Seeking the continuity of the reconstruction campaign which started in Kurdistan Region and some cities and towns in Nainawa to include all areas where our people live; and work to implement a comprehensive national program to build housing compounds for the citizens throughout Iraq utilizing the international experiences in this regard.

9.The Peoples Council List is proud of our peoples martyrs and honor them and works to secure their rights and material and moral privileges and caring for families of victims of the notorious Anfal operation, wars and terrorists acts before and after the fall of the former regime.

10.Seeking the return of migrants and displaced of our people to their original places of residence in the Iraqi Governorates and to compensate them for material and moral damages. Work to terminate the phenomenon of immigration and to implement a comprehensive program for the return of Iraqi expatriates and scientific competencies back home.

11.Seeking the adoption of the 1st. of April, the Babylonian Assyrian new year and the 7th. of August, the national day of martyr an official holidays throughout Iraq.

12.Seeking the foundation of Assyrian language departments in most of the Iraqi institutes and universities as well as establishing collages and universities in the areas prohibited by our people. We will also seek support to continue the Assyrian education and to develop the educational curricula on modern scientific bases to match what is applicable in developed countries.

13.Caring for the worship places like churches and monasteries especially the historical ones in order to preserve its historical value.

14.Caring for the archaeological places which represent our ancient civilization and history and preserving it as touristic areas and we will work to restore all the archaeological peaces stolen from the Iraqi museums.

15.Activation of touristic projects in areas populated by our people, especially villages and towns with splendid nature and all the touristic areas throughout Iraq.

16.Caring for students and youth of our people and work to ensure they enjoy all their rights and freedom.

17.The Peoples’ Council List works to secure the rights of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian women throughout Iraq, and rejects totally all forms of discrimination against them and work to equalize her with men in all fields.

18.Seeking more attention to the national institutions of our people and develop the abilities of sports clubs, forums, social centers and cultural societies to the best levels.

19.Work to secure the representation of our people in all the Government institutions including the diplomatic corps.

20.Caring for children and provide them with health care and establishing more nurseries and kindergartens.

21.Caring for orphans, disabled, paralyzed, deaf, and dumb as well as the widows and spinsters.

22.Caring for the disabled and the old aged and secure decent life for them and establishing nurseries for them.

23.Work to enhance the democratic principles and partisan pluralism.

24.Provide security and stability throughout Iraq.

25.The Peoples’ Council List seeks to enhance the principle of rule of law and independence of the judiciary.

26.Developing the abilities of the Iraqi army and enhance its role in defending the country against any outside aggression and work for the actual participation of our people in the Iraqi army and the security and police forces.

27.Spending more efforts to face terrorism and strongly punish terrorists. Banning the sectarian and national discrimination and rejection of hatred between the sects and the components of the Iraqi people and cause failure to those who tray to ignite the sectarian war.

28.Cancellation of the partisan sharing in the departments and institutions of the state and prevent the big parties and blocs from using these departments and monopolizing it to serve their own interests and utilizing those of scientific competencies to run these institutions.

29.Combating the administrative and financial corruption and the activation of both the financial control commission and the integrity commission.

30.Work to pay more attention to the agricultural sector and adopt a special legislation for the protection of the local agricultural production from the unfair outside competition.

31.Work to elevate the industry and the industrial projects. Encouraging the investment projects and seeking the establishment of factories and productive projects in areas where our people live to address the unemployment issue and provide jobs for the unemployed. We week the adoption of the social insurance system to secure decent life for every citizen and open the employment for graduates in the governmental departments and institutions; and we work to improve the living standards of all the citizens with limited income.

32.Work to draw a comprehensive program in each Governorate to preserve the environment. We also work to address the crisis of electricity throughout Iraq and building new power stations as well as a natural gas distribution network throughout Iraq as long as this basic energy material is available to reduce the pressure on electric power.